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You can download stories of public accounts by providing username.

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You can download highlights of public accounts by providing username.


Story Saver

Look around, and you will notice that today is the world of the internet and IT revolution. Everything is hurdling over the internet cloud, and no one is alone over here. Several different platforms offer high-end entertainment and connectivity to the world. Yes! We are talking about social media platforms. With each passing day, things are getting new shapes and tools, and that is what we are seeing in the technological world as well, as, for every platform, there is an online supporting tool that takes everything to a new level.

Instagram! A whole new world

Who doesn't know about Instagram today as it is one of the largest social media platforms, but you know something about it. Here you can upload highlights or stories that disappear after 24 hours, but sometimes someone puts an exciting account, image, info, or a video you liked. But you know it is going to disappear after 24 hours. So here is something you must have missed. Yes! We are talking about story saver. An online platform is all set to help you save Instagram stories or anything else.


Let's look at how things work at this online platform and what you need to do to download anything from Instagram. First of all, you need to hit the official link of the platform that is After that, you have to out the person's user name whose story or highlights you want to save or download. Select the level of the highlights from the page; now go to save as an option of your computer, laptop, or mobile or save the story or highlight in your device. Yes! It is as simple as that.

Download the highlights

The procedure is almost identical, but here is one thing to keep in mind: to download the highlights, go to the Instagram user's page, and be public to save the highlights. Next, you will see the user's albums in the section of highlights. Now download anything you want and enjoy the ultimate HD download in a blink of an eye.

Terms and conditions

Enjoy limitless access to Instagram stories and highlights. Overall, the story saver works on every computer or mobile, but due to the different operating systems of the iPhone, it is essential to remember that you are going to need any third party downloading app such as safari. The most important thing, as iOS works on entirely different terms, is why you can only save the stories in iPhone 13 or versions above it. However, there is no restriction on android or laptops etc. You need to have enough space in your device, and that's it.

Privacy over story saver

When today everything is about data, how can someone leave a chance to keep track of the activities or the data someone downloads? But here at story saver, the most important thing to us is your confidentiality. We are constantly working to serve our customers with the best and the safest services, so here we bring you high-end data security and guaranteed zero data leakage. Here we also ensure zero tracking as we are only working to provide easy access to the high-end platform that is all set to help you save the Instagram stories, and that is why you are entirely safe over here. Hit the official link and enjoy the fast and secure downloads in no time. We are here to make things fun for you, so get connected and enjoy a whole new era of ultimate access to your favourite videos, status, and highlights.